About us

Meet the team behind your Contours holiday!

Senior Management Team

The Contours Holidays senior management team guide the company, picking out (and often testing) our latest new trails and generally herding the rest of us.

Karen, Managing Director at Contours Holidays, stands on a walking trail with her Jack Russell.


Managing Director

“Walking is both mine and my dogs’ greatest pleasure.”

Latest blog: Mountain Rescue

Alex, head of marketing, research and operations at Contours Holidays, locates a swan.

Alex J

Head of Marketing, Research and Operations

“Reclusive coffee & spreadsheet enthusiast. Too self-aware for his own good.”

Latest blog: Conservation

Christine, head of customer service, product and finance, with the sun behind her.


Head of Customer Service, Product and Finance

“Thousands of miles walked from mountain peaks to coastal shores — exhaling worries, inhaling fresh air.”

Latest blog: Grey Gappers

Customer Services Team

Primed to answer your questions or help puzzle out your perfect tour, the customer services team at Contours are a chatty bunch who draw from oodles of experience out on the trails.

Ben, customer services and tour pack team manager, poses with a fingerpost that (almost) shows his name.


Customer Services & Tour Pack Team Manager

“If I’m not out walking or eating baked beans, I’m probably dreaming of one or the other.”

Latest blog: Little Legs

Richard, senior customer services advisor, sits on his mountain bike in a green field on the Trans Cambrian Way.


Senior Customer Services Advisor

“The best fuel for mountain biking is cake.”

Latest blog: Somerset Coast

Claire, receptionist and customer services advisor.


Receptionist and Customer Services Advisor

“Hoping a well-deserved tearoom is just around the corner!”

Emma, out-of-hours customer services advisor, lifts her child above her head in a field of flowers.


Out-of-Hours Customer Services Advisor

“If you need me, I’ll be daydreaming of Disneyland.”

Office Administration and Finance Team

The administrative backbone of the company, our Office Administration and Finance Team do everything from sorting payments to looking after our office space (and us).

A selfie of Jolita, office manager at Contours Holidays.


Office Manager

“Powered by sunshine, sweet treats and cuddles with her kids.”

Hayley S, finance and support team manager at Contours, out in the countryside with her dog Maui.

Hayley S

Finance and Support Team Manager

“I can usually be found outdoors, with either an animal or child attached to me!”

Becky, finance and support administrator at Contours, with her partner and child.


Finance and Support Administrator

“All I need is a good brew and my crazy, lovable family.”

Bookings Team

Our bookings team are absolute experts in their respective regions of the UK. They busily work their magic to pull your tour together piece by piece.

Sam, tour operations supervisor, enjoy the countryside and sunshine in coat and scarf.


Tour Operations Supervisor

“Most likely to be buried in a book and drinking tea.”

Latest blog: Walking for Wellness

Finn, senior tour operations administrator, poses on a rockface in the Peak District.


Senior Tour Operations Administrator

“The key to success is 5% hard work and 95% making cookies for the office.”

Latest blog: A Balmy Walk

Angie, tour operations administrator at Contours Holidays, stands with arms outstretched in brilliant sunshine on a coastal walk.


Tour Operations Administrator

“Her mountains did not break her, instead they only shaped her.”

Grace, tour operations administrator, takes a selfie beneath a carved wooden tiger.


Tour Operations Adminstrator

“All you need is faith, trust and pixie dust... and wine.”

Michelle, tour operations administrator, relaxes at home with a beer.


Tour Operations Administrator

“Rarely seen in the wild without a refreshing pint in hand.”

Rosalie, tour operations administrator, stands outdoors in a knitted hat.


Tour Operations Administrator

“Steadily yarn-bombing the office with adorable crocheted creatures.”

Tour Pack Team

The tour pack team at Contours Holidays produce those brilliant bespoke holiday packs that guide you along your chosen trail. That means marking maps, producing and printing your itinerary, and mastering the postal service.

Jude, tour pack supervisor at Contours, dual-wields pints at her local pub.


Tour Pack Supervisor

“Nothing better than a post-walk beer... or two!”

Latest blog: On Offa’s Dyke

Hayley H, tour pack administrator and GDPR office, sits on a boat in arctic waters wearing a red hooded parka.

Hayley H

Tour Pack Administrator and GDPR Officer

“Probably living my best life in Anglesey or Iceland — there’s no in between.”

Alex B, tour pack administrator, poses in a black t-shirt outside the Contours office.

Alex B

Tour Pack Administrator

“What do I bring to Contours? I make a great brew.”

Ellie, tour pack administrator at Contours Holidays, runs a half-marathon.


Tour Pack Administrator

“Either running away on another holiday or for the kudos on Strava.”

Database Team

Checking out prospective new accommodations and writing directions to and from the trail are just a few of the important behind-the-scenes work the Contours database team undertake to keep our holidays running so smoothly.

Gosia, database team manager, out in the UK countryside with the sea and a sandy beach behind her.


Database Team Manager

“Coffee, nature and laughter — the easiest recipe for a good day.”

Latest blog: Downs Link

Isaac, database administrator at Contours Holidays, standing on a ski slope in red ski gear.


Database Administrator

“Find me in a country pub, UK size 10.5, 6ft with shoes on.”

Marketing Team

Whatever you’re reading on the Contours website, from route descriptions to FAQs, the marketing team probably put it together. We’re also responsible for the company’s videos, newsletters, social media streams, competitions and (awkwardly) this page.

Melody, marketing and social media manager, stands in front of a fairy light arch at night.


Marketing and Social Media Manager

“Easily appeased with tea and biscuits, and most likely to laugh at terrible jokes.”

Latest blog: Emergency Training

Cass, marketing and strategy consultant, rides a mountain bike down a rocky slope.


Marketing and Strategy Consultant

“Writer, editor and Google-wrangler, often found screeching down Coed y Brenin.”

Latest blog: Lacing Tricks

Tana, visual marketing specialist, smiles at the camera in a blue coat.


Visual Marketing Specialist

“Busy shooting films and snapping pics — making Contours a blockbuster hit, one frame at a time!”

Fuzzball Department

Responsible for team morale and an unjust amount of hoovering, the fuzzball department inspired our peerless offering of dog-friendly walking holidays.


Owner: Sam

“A flufftastically lazy lady of leisure.”

Carlie and Henri

Owner: Becky

“Invading our human’s personal space since 2016.”


Owner: Karen

“I only know how to be happy (and cause mischief).”


Owner: Karen

“My life is full of fun and too much energy!”


Owner: Christine

“Trail snacker extraordinaire: where every walk means extra treat breaks!”


Owner: Ellie

“Known as Jeff when he’s a good boy, JEFFERY when he’s naughty!”


Owner: Angie

“Our cute little bean.”


Owner: Alex J

“Plotting our demise, but very cute while she’s doing it.”


Owner: Alex J

“As beautiful as he is simple.”


Owner: Melody

“Affectionately nicknamed ‘The Fuzzy Tornado’.”


Owner: Hayley S

“Lives for snuggles, walks and food!”


Owner: Cass

“Noble. Reserved. A deep thinker.”


Owner: Karen

“I am the Little Girleee of the bunch, but I pack a big punch.”


Owner: Jolita

“Mummy’s shadow and the household’s loudest snorer since 2013.”


Owner: Richard

“Here he comes... Crash! Bang! Wallop!”


Owner: Hayley H

“Loves sunshine and treats. Hates when lorries drive by the office.”


Owner: Tana

“Very eco-friendly lady; only uses energy when the mailman arrives.”


Owner: Michelle

“20% mighty king of beasts, 80% squishy mummy’s boy.”